My new projects - what's going on?

New Projects : Birds..... Sculpted 3d pieces and Ceramic tile facade reliefs

Why? a new challenge and a return to techniques and materials that I last used decades ago! I specialised in ceramics at college many years ago and have realised that clay technology has moved on - I no longer need a kiln, a strengthened floor and 3 phase electricity! But the downside of using air-dry and polymer clays is that the material is quite expensive to buy - especially for large projects which is why it tends to be used more as jewelery beads, small sculpted figures and by animators. The birds and the facades are all air-dry clay. I've just taken delivery of some polymer clay and am really enjoying its' quality for modelling of detailed pieces. Watch this space!

and Commissions......

I love to produce work themed around the things that matter most to me, but I also love to give my best to the things that matter to you.                      I get to stretch myself in this regard and can only improve in the process.

I was asked to create a large painting for a new extension. I was given the colour scheme, a suggestion of the abstract style the couple were looking for, and a set of photographs taken on the last day of wedding celebrations at a chateau in the Dordogne region of France.

“We love it so much, THANKYOU. The colours match the room superbly and capture the atmosphere of our last evening perfectly - strangely, we recognise all of our friends from your painting and the little wine glasses and random bottles bring the relaxed celebration to life ”

Heather and Jimmy Martin

The Wedding Picnic

The Wedding


Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

150cm x 100cm