Bird Drawings

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Themed Projects Since 2018


Working Dogs

A collection of paintings to highlight some of the amazing dogs who go to work every day to help save lives, build relationships and enrich the wellbeing of so many who rely on their support. Man’s best friend has also become our most reliable colleague.


 So much to see and so much to do  in Paris, I couldn't fail to be inspired. Over 20 visits and 3 exhibitions to date; I always want to go back to discover new favourite places and scenes. Here's some of my recent work.

Endangered Species / Close to Extinction

A series of paintings  themed to highlight the plight of some of the most critically endangered species on the planet.

Our responsibility in preserving these animals forfuture generations is paramount to a more general responsibility in maintaining an eco system, a

sustainable, natural food chain and finding a global solution to global warming.


Australian Wildfires

2019 saw Australia's worst and it is estimated that3 BILLION animals were killed in the devastation. Some endangered species will never recover and will soon be lost forever. This limited series of paintings highlight some of those who have suffered.

Gouldian Finches at the water's edge